Concert Tour 2017
Healing Sounds from India with Shriguru Balaji També

The concert tour 2017 will take place from Aug. 25th until Sep. 16th in twelve different locations in Germany and Switzerland.

Mantras for Happiness

Allow yourself to be touched by the soothing and powerful interpretations of a sound culture reaching back over a thousand years!

Become immersed in the vocal interpretations of unique compositions, derived from ancient Indian texts and melodies and accompanied by the classical Indian instruments bamboo flute, harmonium and tabla.

One of the highlights of the concert is the singing together of the mantra AUM (OM). Visitors to these concerts, which have been a regular event for many years, have often reported on the feeling of enrichment the music continues to bring them.

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Concert flyer aug-sep 2017


Concerts given by Dr. Shri Balaji També and his musicians are just the right thing for those wanting to recharge their batteries.

The texts and melodies are based on the wisdom of the Vedas, knowledge stretching back for thousands of years. The Vedas describe exactly how the vibrations of specific music and mantras can affect certain areas of the brain. In addition, the language of the songs, Sankrit, can access the meridian system of the body and thereby trigger diverse positive and energetic processes.

Listening to the spirited and powerful compositions allows concert-goers to tap into their inner sources of energy. They describe this as creating a deep feeling of happiness that touches all levels of being.

The music was composed on the basis of the ancient Indian system of "Ragas". These are melody sequences that lend the mood of each composition a very specific "colour" (Raga).

Shri Balaji Tambe has developed here a music therapy system that has brought him worldwide renown as an expert in the field.   This practice has also received recognition as a multi-award-winning healing method and for over 30 years, he has continued to present the annual concert series "Healing Sounds from India" to international audiences.

The music therapy is an essential feature of the program in Atmasantulana Village, Dr. Tambes Healing Centre and is practiced there twice a day where it has achieved great success with those seeking recuperation as well as in the treatment of the seriously ill.

A highlight of the concert is the singing together of AUM (OM), a syllable regarded to be the original and elementary sound. It is the most powerful mantra and precedes almost all other mantras, hereby enhancing their effect. AUM substantially reinforces the meditative effect of the concerts.

Mantras for Happiness – recharge your batteries completely and enjoy the lightness of being!