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Shreeguru - one who is divinely blessed, a guide and intimate friend to the aspirant. His direction helps the individual increase the potential to live an ethical and spiritual life.

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The german edition of the favourable book "Garbha Sanskar"

Die deutsche Ausgabe des erfolgreichen Buches "Garbha Sanskar"
arcana Verlag, Hardcover, 22 €

Dr. Shri Balaji També, Dr. med. Yasmin Khushbu Varandani-Gogia
Glückliche Schwangerschaft - glückliche Babys
Das ganzheitliche Ayurveda-Programm vom Kinderwunsch bis zu den ersten Schritten ins Leben
Mit Download: Musik zur pränatalen Förderung

Das umfassende Ayurveda-Programm für die Schwangerschaft.

Was können werdende Mütter tun, um sich in der sensiblen Zeit der Schwangerschaft optimal zu versorgen und auf das Baby vorzubereiten? Die Jahrtausende alten ayurvedischen Texte bergen einen kostbaren Wissensschatz für die Balance von Körper, Geist und Seele, eine sichere Geburt und einen guten Start des Babys ins Leben. Dieses Wissen haben der renommierte Ayurveda-Experte Shri Balaji També und die Gynäkologin Yasmin Khushbu Varandani-Gogia für unsere moderne Zeit aufbereitet. Ihre Empfehlungen umfassen Strategien zur Steigerung der Fruchtbarkeit, Hilfe bei Schwangerschaftsbeschwerden, Musik zur pränatalen Förderung, Yoga, Meditation, besondere Rezepte, Babymassage sowie Rituale für Mutter und Kind – für eine glückliche Schwangerschaft und ein glückliches Baby!

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Spiritual Master Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe

has initiated the SOM (Santulan Om Meditation) and SKY (Santulan Kriya Yoga) techniques. He is the founder of the Atmasantulana Village, a world-renowned holistic healing centre. He established the world's first and only Aum Temple. He has authored several books on the spiritual sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda. His compositions, healing music albums and concerts are an outcome of extensive research. He is an Ayurvedic doctor, engineer, artist, cosmologist and agriculturalist. His father Ved Shastra Sampanna Shri Vasudev Tambeshastri was an authority on the Vedic scriptures and spiritual sciences. Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe shares his time between Karla, India as well as Munich and Gleichen in Germany and conducts seminars all over the world. His family consists of his wife, two sons and daughters-in-law as well as four granddaughters, apart from a large, extended family of disciples.

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He is a director on the board of the Sakal Media Group, which publishes the prestigious Marathi newspaper, Sakal. He is also Chief Mentor of Family Doctor, the newspaper's most successful weekly supplement (16-pages) that runs into more than 2 million copies. His ability to deal with all subjects, scientific, medical, social and technical, based on his life philosophy, has inspired many projects of great social relevance both in India and abroad.

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27.-31.05.2020 in Germany
Santulan AUM Kurzentrum
The four pillars of perfect health,
Die vier Säulen der perfekten Gesundheit
Seminar with Shreeguru Dr. Balaji També



Video Lecture
Ayurvedic Medicine and Quantum Physics
Shreeguru Dr. Balaji També on 02.10.2018 at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany

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In this book Shreeguru Balaji identifies why a person who wants to change himself is unable to do so, and connects that cause with the discontent that afflicts all human beings. The fundamental question being answered is, “Who is this self with whom we want to communicate?” He then outlines how to establish such contact and teaches a set of simple practices that will lead to a dialogue between your outer personality and your entity within that opens the doors to both material and spiritual well-being.
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