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In this book Shreeguru Balaji identifies why a person who wants to change himself is unable to do so, and connects that cause with the discontent that afflicts all human beings. The fundamental question being answered is, “Who is this self with whom we want to communicate?” He then outlines how to establish such contact and teaches a set of simple practices that will lead to a dialogue between your outer personality and your entity within that opens the doors to both material and spiritual well-being.
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The Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar contains all the information you require for healthy pregnancy and child development. It covers every aspect of the parents and baby's lives. It covers the period from when you plan to have your baby, through pregnancy, childbirth and up until your child is two years old. Its available in 3 languages - Marathi, Gujarati and English.



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The purpose of this book "The untold secrets of life" is to reveal the secrets that explain the philosophy of the universe. This includes the process of how the universe has been created, how the outer universe and the inner world interact and enter into each other, how material becomes energy and vice versa. The objective is to be able to deal with the inner and outer domains with equal ease. One can actually practice these processes described by Vedas to achieve success in the outside realm as well as to attain the satisfaction of having reached 'home' - the Self or THAT.
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