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(c) Shreeguru Balaji Tambe, Karla, India 2015

The following excerpt from the chapter "The SOM Program" may give a short introduction to the thorough and effective spiritual program for human and spiritual advancement that Shreeguru Balaji Tambe has published in this book.

The SOM Program

The reader would have realised that there is a lot that can be brought into practice to enable one's journey to the SELF. Our lives today, especially at the material and social levels, seem not to allow that easily. This is one of the reasons I have been inspired to write a Program that anyone can follow, without prior preparation, or cultural or linguistic background. You could start this at the age of five and also if you are a 100 years old. It will help absolutely anybody.


The SOM Program includes:

  1. Ayurveda - for physical health.
  2. Yoga and Fire Gazing - for relaxation, hormonal equilibrium, dynamism and wealth.
  3. Veda (knowledge) - for Self-contentment. This section includes Sanskrit, Music and Meditation for brain coherence.
  4. Aum Meditation - for Luminance and Ultimate Bliss.

What is the result of the practice and knowledge of the SOM Communication Program?

  1. De-stressing and relief from tension. The mind can concentrate and take holistic and quick decisions.
  2. Focus on one's mission and becoming successful in a win-win situation.
  3. Increased control over nervous system leads to proper action and saving energy.
  4. Hormonal balance, vitality, fame and prosperity
  5. Structuring brain activity by eliminating hardware and functional problems of the brain-computer.
  6. Developing a path to THAT-SELF leading to an attitude of service and help without exploitation and sacrifice for social causes.
  7. Language of SELF, access to Supreme and understanding and following the Cosmic Plan.

These secrets have been described in the Vedas and Indian culture several times in different ways. Over thousands of years, they have been neglected in the advance of time. I have provided, through experiments and experience, a structure or approach to them collectively. Since they are all related with Soma Rasa in the brain and with AUM meditation, I have named the Program SOM. It has become necessary once again to bring out the scientific and practical aspect of this process in the language and terminology ofpresent times, which is the purpose of this book.

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